Launched Super Product Smart Alkaline Ionized Water Purifier Conquers 3 Gold Standards


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Continuing the journey of conquering the Vietnam & world electrolyte market, ROBOT is pleased to announce a series of super products Smart alkaline iON electrolyte water purifier including ionSmart, ionQueen, ionPrince attracting experts & creating new trends in the industry, thanks to superior technology and outstanding features appearing on the alkaline iON electrolyte market for the first time. The product is highly appreciated by advanced technology and top quality to bring "good water – healthy water" to the community.

IonPrince Alkaline IonIzed Water Purifier, IonSmart, IonQueen conquer 3 gold standards


Standard 1: Water Quality

Smart ROBOT alkaline iON electrolyte water purifier is the invention and creativity of a team of ROBOT engineers specializing in electrical and electronic engineering with more than 30 years of experience, combining the quintessence of Korean electrolyte technology to bring breakthrough products in quality and price for Vietnamese people.

IonSmart, ionQueen, ionPrince product lines are equipped with high-quality materials made in Korea: UF technology multi-level filter & electrolysis set from 3 to 13 electrode plates with Platinum coated platinum cast flat sheet, the largest size in the market. This is a noted precious metal that is compatible with the human body & licensed for implantation without affecting health. Therefore, ROBOT alkaline ionized water purifier ensures the electrolysis process to produce the quintessential alkaline iON electrolyte water, users are completely assured to use natural hydrogen-rich water, the most optimal ORP antioxidant index, without the intervention of chemicals.

Electrolyte water is produced with pH levels of 3.5 -> 11.0, the quality is tested & rated the best in the market, with active hydrogen concentrations from 600 = > 1900ppb and ORP from -350 = > -1100mV (depending on the number of electrode plates equipped according to the models) tested at the National Laboratory.

The unique difference of ROBOT alkaline ionized water purifier is that the Smart Hot function for the ionSmart series as well as the Smart Hot / Cold for the ionQueen series will meet all the needs of daily living and drinking water with only 1 product.

Breakthrough QuikHEAT feature – Smart Hot

QuikHEAT Smart Heating technology from THE ROBOT manufacturer, helps to upgrade the comfort of use to a new level, allowing users to get hot water immediately without waiting for cooking, specify the temperature and water capacity to use, saving maximum electricity. The whole process is easy and fast "one touch" operation on the flexible touch screen.

Standard 2: Machine Quality

Alkaline ion ionized water purifierSmart & ionQueen ROBOT has an elegant modern design, multi-color

Although it has just been "launched", the product has undergone a series of rigorous evaluation and testing processes to ensure absolute quality & this is also a commitment for customers who have trusted ROBOT products for the past 30 years.

  • Meet medical device standards according to the latest European standards MDR 2017/745/EU
  • European CE Certification for Electrical Safety
  • FDA Certification (USA) No. 11723665898.
  • Certificate of National Regulation QCVN 4-2009 of the Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • The quality of filtered water meets the National Standard for direct drinking water with 23 physicochemical indicators & 5 microbiological indicators according to QCVN 6-1: 2010 of the Ministry of Health.
  • iON electrolyte water is checked by the Ho Chi Minh City Institute of Public Health. HCM (Ministry of Health) directly tests pH measurement to meet the corresponding standards.
  • Certification of hydrogen concentration & anti-oxidant orp testing at national professional laboratories with the most optimal index.

In particular, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of its establishment, ROBOT was honored to be awarded the Vietnam Record Setting Certificate "The first alkaline iON electrolyte water purifier integrated with 3 modes Hot – Cold – Cold". Mr. Nguyen Phuong Nam - ROBOT Chairman was awarded the "World Innovation Gold Disc" by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury - President of World Record Alliance (WorldKings), Co-founding Chairman of the Global Federation of Innovators (WCF) and became an official member of WCF, because of the unique inventions of the new generation water purifier 3-tier protection product line & ROBOT smart alkaline ionized water purifier.

Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury - President of World Records Alliance (WorldKings), Co-Founder Of World Federation of Innovators WCF (left cover) presented the WCF Innovation, Decision and Badge Gold Disc to Mr. Nguyen Phuong Nam – President of Robotics at the 30-year event Robot – New Era, New mission.

Not only ensuring quality, but ionSmart, ionQueen, ionPrince also conquer customers by impressive and trendy design. The product is covered with glass on the entire surface, in addition to the elegant traditional white - black color, customers can also choose unique and fresh pastel tones to adorn the vivid interior space.

ionPrince & ionSmart is designed in 5 trendy colors, suitable for all tastes & space

Standard 3: Most Convenient - Most Economical

RMC microcontroller technology and LCD screen exclusively invented from ROBOT make the most convenient features for a world-class, intelligent new generation electrolyte product, superior to famous specialized brands, such as:

  • Automatic operation control, eliminating all risks of use.
  • Choose the volume of electrolyte water to take (300ml / 900ml / 1.5L / 2L)
  • Get hot water instantly & choose the temperature, capacity to be taken.
  • Automatic cleaning of the electrode set (DARC), both cleans the electrode plate, and avoids mixing other electrolyte water for the next water intake, without using chemicals – safe for health.
  • Adjust the electrolysis process with high-power microchips (without using chemicals, catalysts to increase pH like 1 number of other machines on the market).
  • Multilingual display and optional voice operation status notification: Vietnamese (default), English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese...
  • Warning not to drink low acid water by voice
  • Hot/Cold water temperature display(For models with Hot/Cold function)
  • Display the life expectancy &visual filter replacement notification on the screen.
  • Maximum cost savings when the price is only from 1/3 – 1/2 compared to imported – portable machines of equivalent quality. With the average filter replacement cost in the first 4 years not exceeding 1,700,000 VND/year.

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