The Meaning Of Hydrogen & ORP Index In Electrolyte Water For Health


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In recent years, the trend of using water purifier is slowly change to alkaline ionized water purifier. Alkaline ionized water is produced by alkaline ionized water purifier through electrolysis, with many different pH levels, in addition to neutral pH 7.0 water, acidic pH iON water is set from 3.5 to 5.5, alkaline ionized water iON pH from 8.5 to 11.0, each of pH levels will have its own beneficial use. However, the common alkaline ionized water, which is good for health, has it pH levels in 8.5/9.0/9.5, However, the common alkaline ionized water, which is good for health, is in the pH range from 8.5/9.0/9.5, and it has the function of neutralizing acids, remove toxins, etc. In addition, these levels of alkaline ionized water also have 02 very important index, which are beneficial for the body when drinking that consumers need to know, are Hydrogen & ORP.

Alkaline ionized water has been likened to “The water for life – The drinking water of the times”. Because of its high concentration of active Hydrogen & a negative ORP antioxidant index, it is both able to neutralize acids in the body and resist free radicals; therefore, it is very good for health.

What is Hydrogen & ORP index? What is the meaning of them for health?

Alkaline ionized water is known as “The water for life – The water of the times” due to its suitable Hydrogen & ORP levels

1. What is Hydrogen & ORP index in alkaline ionized water?

1.1 Hydrogen index 

Hydrogen index can be understood as a dissolved hydro concentration in water, it appears after electrolysis so the Hydrogen index in the tap water is always 0 ppb. The source of water after being purified will pass through the electrode plates, then separated into H+ and OH- ions. Hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water which contains H+ (Hydro) ions and other positively charged ions will be generated at the cathode, acidic iON electrolyte water will be generated at the anode.
Hydrogen molecules can get into the body to create cell energy and remove free radicals. As a result, the higher the dissolved hydrocarbon concentration in water, the greater the benefits to the body. With antioxidant and cytoprotective and easily penetrable features, hydrogen molecules are also easy to evaporate in external environmental conditions, so it is often recommended to drink immediately after getting water from the machine.

1.2 ORP Index

The ORP antioxidant index reflects the oxidation potential of substances in water. The higher the ORP in water, the lower the oxidation potential and vice versa. A positive ORP indicates oxidizing water. A negative ORP indicates that water is a reducing agent. The lower the ORP value, the more antioxidant it is. So, the higher the negative ORP, the better the benefits to health.

The configuration parameters & quality of electrolyte water (pH, Hydrogen, ORP) of ROBOT Smart alkaline ionized water purifier

2. What is the meaning of Hydrogen & ORP index for health?

In fact, the excess of oxidants in the human body leads to free radicals cause bad effects on health. It is the leading cause of premature aging such as: dry skin, wrinkles, age spots, inelastic skin loss of vitality… Especially it can lead to cancer and other chronic diseases.

Because of the impact of the current living environment and polluted environmental conditions, the ultraviolet rays, the consumption of dirty food, … caused the oxidizing substances in the body no longer at a stable level. The endogenous antioxidant system is no longer in equilibrium, excess acid and then causes serious consequences for human health.

Therefore, it is extremely important to fill up the reducing agents & alkaline substances because it protects our health, prevents diseases. Specifically, from scientific studies, it is shown that the use of hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water with a negative ORP level will effectively improve our health.

3. Benefits of alkaline ionized water

  • Rehydrating electrolyte water for sports activities
  • Reducing stress, tiredness
  • Improving digestive system; Intesifying resistance
  • Replenishing minerals & reducing toxins
  • Supporting heart & blood pressure
  • Preventing atherosclerosis, diabetes
  • Taking care of skin
  • Natural Anti-Aging

It is not exaggerated to call alkaline ionized water "The water for life – The water of the times" that is able to support against aging agents and some common chronic diseases. This is also considered the secret of longevity and healthy living of the Japanese. The Japanese government has issued pharmaceutical notice 763 to encourage people to use alkaline ionized water for drinking and daily living.

Pharmaceutical notice 763 is released by Japanese government in 1965 encouraging people to use alkaline ionized water

Many professionals and analyses showed that alkaline ionized water is especially beneficial in the process of treating and preventing the risk of chronic diseases. Details:

  • Reducing the risk of obesity and diabetes mellitus type 2
  • Reducing symptoms caused by rheumatoid arthritis
  • Improving glycemic control in people with diabetes type 1
  • Reducing allergies
  • Reducing inflammation caused by neurological disorders

Drinking hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water with a high negative ORP concentration every day will improve health status and quality of life. It is especially suitable for families that have members often use alcohol, play sports, and exercise vigorously, it helps detoxify and replenish electrolytes effectively.

4. How to choose alkaline ionized water purifier which has the best Hydrogen & ORP level?

The technology becomes more common and advnaced, many brands on the market compete with simultaneously each other in different aspects of technology, shapes, price, … Customers need to search for the information in advanced when decide to invest in the product.

One of the key factors determining for the Electrolyte Water Purifier to create optimal water quality is: The best electrolyzer (material, size, number of electrode plates) & Smart electrolyte control microchip, reaching the highest intensity. Especially, it is able to create a fully natural water source to get the best concentration of Hydrogen & ORP without the intervention of chemicals.

The launch of ROBOT smart alkaline ionized water purifier created a greatly attraction in the domestic electrolyte market.

Smart ROBOT alkaline ionized water purifier is equipped with unique RMC-LCD microcontroller technology, which controls all operations and removes risks. Combined with the Korea electrolysis kit 3-13 with the largest monolithic Platinum-coated Titanium electrode plates, it provides alkaline ionized water with the most optimal hydrogen & ORP index on the electrolyte market today.

This is considered an international standard alkaline ionized water purifier with youthful design, modern colors, multi-function but extremely attractive price for Vietnamese people. Purchasing Here.

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