Is it true that alkaline ionized water can support in treating diseases and beautifying?


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Alkaline iON water is gradually becoming more familiar to Vietnamese consumers through variety of forms. For instance, bottled, in soft plastic bags iON drinking water or electrolyte water from alkaline iON water purifiers. This type of water is spread among everyone, the story is that it has beneficial uses such as beautifying, anti-aging, even curing cancer. However, are these true or are they just "overrated" words to push consumption?

Professionals’ evaluation about alkaline ION water

In fact, alkaline ion water, also known as electrolyte water, Hydrogen water is rated as the best functional water today. But it does not simultaneously mean that it can replace medicine. Water has only a few uses when used regularly and supports in improving health to a certain level.

In some developed countries such as Japan and Korea, they recognize alkaline iON water purifier as a medical device and encourages people to use it. Specifically, since 1965, the Japanese Ministry of Health has issued pharmaceutical notice 763 recommending that people should use alkaline ionized water every day to improve their health as it is beneficial for everyone in preventing and treating some chronic diseases.

Pharmaceutical notice 763 is released by Japanese government in 1965 encouraging people to use alkaline ionized water

The studies showed that alkaline iON water is able to support the treatment of diseases thanks to the alkalizing mechanism of the body with a sufficient alkaline pH level of 8.5 - 9.5. Electrolyte water is also rich in Hydrogen, which is completely dissolved from natural water sources, is an effective antioxidant composition, prevents diseased cells, and improves consumers’ health.

Alkaline iON water is the secret of Japanese longevity

According to the research’s result of the Japan Alkaline iON Association 1999 – 2000, alkaline iON water with pH 9.5 supports reducing the symptoms of stomach diseases caused by excess of acid.

Dr. Otto Warburg, a physiologist, a medical doctor won a Nobel Prize, asserts: “Cancer cells are acidic, while healthy cells are alkaline. So alkalizing the body is important to limit the growth of disease.” In general, alkaline iON water is only meant to support the treatment and prevent the risk of disease, not completely "cure all diseases".

Author of the book "Enzyme Factor" - Doctor Hiromi Shinya points out the secret to extend life expectancy and enhance health by drinking water every day: "A source of one of a kind good water with the ability to effectively hydrate, detoxify, anti-oxidant is alkaline ionized water.

What is the right standard alkaline ionized water?

The water that is completely difference with regular tap water for dissolved Hydrogen concentration (ppb unit) of 0, positive antioxidant (mV unit) & neutral pH 7.0.

Particularly, alkaline ionized water, also called hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water, must be the type of water produced directly from an electrolyte water purifier through electrolysis technology that restructures water molecules. Water will be separated into H+ and OH- ions, will be naturally alkaline with a pH greater than 7.0, it is best for directly drinking in the range of 8.5, 9.0, 9.5. Quality alkaline iON water is shown by 2 indicators of dissolved hydrogen in water (ppb) & antioxidant index ORP (mV).

The necessary feature of alkaline ionized water is a sufficient pH level to meet the needs of use, an abundance of Hydrogen molecules associated with effective oxidation resistance and free radicals elimination ability. So the higher the Hydrogen ppb index, the better it is. Besides, consumers should also pay attention to ORP's oxidation resistance ability. In contrast to the Hydrogen index, the more negative the ORP (-) index, the better. These index are closely related to the quality of the electrolyzer in the alkaline iON water purifier. Therefore, users need to choose to buy machines with quality electrolyzers, including many large Platinum-coated Titanium electrode plates for good and sustainable water quality.

This kind of nutritious water should be drank directly from the electrolyte without boiling. Experts recommend that it is best to use it within 15 minutes after taking the water or put it in a glass bottle with a lid within 24 hours to keep the water intact with essential minerals for the body

ROBOT alkaline iON water purifier UHC-6911 produces Hydrogen-rich alkaline iON water up to ~ 1900 ppb based on lab conditions

Some uses of alkaline ionized water:

  • Acidic iON water pH ~ 3.5 – 4.5: cleaning surface, disinfection, cleaning children's toys, eating utensils.
  • Acidic iON water pH ~ 5.0 – 5.5: has the same uses as rose water, it is used to wash your face, tighten pores, and smooth skin.
  • Alkaline iON water pH ~ 7.0: this is the preferred pure water used to make baby milk or take medicine without changing the substance of milk and medicine.
  • Alkaline water iON pH ~ 8.5 - 9.0: used for cooking to increase flavor, recommended to drink daily. The pH level of 9.5 is used by many people when drinking alcohol.
  • Alkaline water iON pH ~ 10 - 11.0: used to wash vegetables, fruits or clean surfaces due to its strong alkalinity.

Similar to rose water, iON Acidic water pH ~ 5.5 also has beauty care uses

Say no to dirty food thanks to alkaline iON water pH ~ 10 - 10.5

Alkaline Ion Water Amazingly Improves Health

1. Alkaline iON water neutralizes acids in the body

Alkaline iON water, specifically pH 8.5 - 9.5, helps to balance the pH to neutralize acids in the body extremely effectively, if it is used correctly, it has absolutely no side effects. Because, the human body will be in the best state when it reaches a balanced pH at 7.3 – 7.4. However, in the process of living, eating, and working pressure, the pH drops to an acidic level, which is the root cause of a number of diseases such as gout, joint disease, obesity, cardiovascular disease, stomach disease, ulcerative colitis and even cancer… Therefore, it is necessary to "alkalize the body" to bring the pH close to the balance to have the best health.

Alkaline ion water brings amazing benefits to our health

2. Resisting free radicals – preventing cancer risk

In addition, the natural Hydrogen-rich alkaline iON water plays a role as an antioxidant that eliminates free radicals and has the potential to improve the cells in the body. Free radicals in the body are produced through the metabolism of substances, affected by unhealthy diets, cigarette smoke, environmental pollution, radioactive substances... are the cause of many dangerous diseases, such as cancer, diabetes mellitus,…

Alkaline iON water pH ~ 9.5 has a superior oxidation resisting ability to eliminate free radicals, it is better than some fruits such as apples, bananas, green tea, pumpkin... Also from that, alkaline iON water has the ability to slow down the cellular senescence, enhance resistance, enhance immunity and prevent chronic diseases.

Hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water acts as an effective free radical resisting substance

3. Eliminating toxins

Alkaline iON water also has the ability to eliminate toxins quickly because of its water molecules’ cluster is up to 5 times smaller than normal water molecules, 0.5 nanometers in size. Therefore, alkaline ionized water easily penetrates into food as well as cells in the body, and helps the metabolism process faster and eliminate toxins effectively.

That is the reason why alkaline ionized water purifiers are recommended to use, so that every member of the family has access to a source of “healthy water” every day. However, this is only a functional water to help improve health and support the treatment of some diseases, not a "panacea" as many people think.

The uses of alkaline iON water from ROBOT Electrolyzed Water Purifier


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