3 Reasons That Make ROBOT Alkaline IonNized Water Purifier Best-Sellers - Commitment To Optimized Hydrogen & Orp Index


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Today’s ROBOT is not only “Electrical Safety” but also simultaneously carries out the “Safe for health” mission statement while expanding the business in researching the high quality alkaline ionized water purifier product line by the intelligence of Vietnamese. As same as the price optimization strategy to ensure the products can approach to each customer segmentation, improve the community water source for every generations. This is also the reason why ROBOT smart alkaline ionized water purifier products “sold out” recently.


ROBOT ionQueen alkaline ionized water purifier receives a lot of attention from consumers and professionals.

3 reasons why Smart heating – cooling alkaline ionized water purifiers are best-sellers

1. Alkaline ionized water purifier integrates Smart heating – cooling function, has trendy design that is suitable for any places:

After the process of researching customers’ demands, ionSmart alkaline ionized water purifier is integrated the Smart heating function & iONQueen is integrated smart hot – unique cold in the same, this satisfies the "3 in 1" criterion, extremely cost-saving & convenient.

QuikHEAT convenient smart heating technology QuikHEAT brings consumers experiences that exceed their expectations, such as: Getting the hot water right away without waiting for the boiling time, choosing the temperature & capacity whenever you use.

QuikHEAT unique “Smart Heating” technology from ROBOT electrolyzed water purifier

Moreover, ROBOT ionQueen are designed in a trendy, unique & elegant shape, at this time, it is the only electrolyzed water purifier that has a design which is suitable for every places: living rooms, offices, dining rooms, kitchens,... & integrates a smart heating and cooling function that current products has not staisfied yet.

ROBOT smart alkaline ionized water purifier achieved CE European Medical Device, CE certification for electrical safety, U.S. FDA, and World Creators Federation. Especially, the product has registered for intellectual property rights & was recognized as an Asian Record in September 2022 to continue to conquer the Global market.

Smart ROBOT alkaline ionized water purifier conquers several International Certifications & Records

Among these products, ionQueen 1314 - the most unique and high-class model on the market - with many functions & uses that are superior to other present models, with 13 electrode plates - creating up to 14 kinds of beneficial water, including electrolyte water, smart hot, cold water, pH 3.5->11.0, fully satisfy the needs of use and it can be adjusted and changed depending on the properties of the water source in the area. 

The novel design of ionQueen is suitable for the unique living room, office, dining room, kitchen in the market.

2. Having the most pH levels, the highest Hydrogen & ORP index, standardizing "water sources of the times"

With a multi-level purification system with UF Korea technology, the after-purified water is guaranteed to meet the standard of direct drinking water & still retains natural minerals when entering the electrolysis chamber equipped with 3 to 13 Platinum-coated whole flat Titanium electrode plates made in Korea, integrated with ROBOT's newest invention RMC-LCD microcontroller technology. Therefore, ROBOT alkaline ionizer creates the most pH water levels on the market, from 3.0 -> 11.0 including fully natural acid ions & alkaline ions rich in hydrogen, without using catalysts, chemicals, or mineral compensation filters to increase the pH. Hydrogen concentration up to ~ 1900 ppb and optimal ORP (oxidation) index ~ -1100 mV.

Lifespan of 5,000 operating hours (30 years) Sumimoto ION exchange membrane (JAPAN). Large size, flat plates type

For your information: “The important factor to evaluate the quality of electrolyzed water purifier is to create different levels of acidic & alkaline ionized pH water & has the highest concentration of Hydrogen & ORP”

3. Ground-breaking technology - Leading in price

Specialized high-class materials, manufactured from advanced countries are used in the products, which are developed by the intelligence and technology that researched and invented by Vietnamese themselves. With a suitable friendly price policy from ROBOT for all Vietnamese families, the price is less than half compared to imported products, customers can immediately own the international standard alkaline ionized and the most multi-function water purifier in the market.

Beside that, ROBOT supports consumers by giving Premium Water Treatment Kit with filter made in Korea & TRIAL, LEASE or PAY 0% INTEREST RATE so that everyone can have the opportunity to use quality, healthy alkaline ionized water with the lowest cost. This is considered the most meaningful & practical gratitude for customers who have been trusting and accompanying ROBOT.



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