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95 USD
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Multilayer UF filter cartridge – Specialized for EVERKING EK99 electrolyte water purifier – Made in Korea, including 4 main filter layers:

  • High-density sediment filter layer: removes residues in water with a size of 5 microns or more such as sludge, rust, sand,...
  • Activated carbon layer: carbon layer made from ultrafine coconut shell, with the function of removing chlorine, organic matter in water
  • High-density sediment filter layer: continue to remove chlorine, organic matter & residue in water such as sludge, rust, sand,...
  • UF filter (ultrafiltration membrane): cleans 99.99% residue, dirt, bacteria, microscopic viruses, coloring agents, odors ... small to 0.01 μm in size.

Multilayer UF filter cartridges serve as the main filter cartridges to provide super clean water while preserving the natural minerals of water, ensuring an efficient electrolysis process, in accordance with technical principles.

Technology & structure of sterile monolithic molded filter cartridges, anti-re-infection.


  • Filter life: 4,000 liters
  • Maximum water flow: 1-4 liters/min
  • Filter capacity: max 120 liters/hour
  • Replacement period: 12 - 24 months (depends on the quality of the inlet water and the flow of water used).
  • Origin: South Korea

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