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26 USD
Màng lọc:
  • Clean all organic matter, bacteria, microscopic viruses up to 0.01μm
  • It is responsible for being the main filter that provides super clean water for living and drinking directly, with the advantage of preserving the natural minerals of water, which is a good main nutrient for the body.
  • Technology & structure of sterile closed monolithic molded filter core, anti-re-infection
  • Luxurious design, suitable for high-end water purifiers, compact modern design


  • Hollow fiber filter is composed of special material Poly Sulfone
  • Max pressure: 5.1kg/cm2
  • Standard entry water temperature: <400C
  • Large filter flow up to 120L/hr
  • Total dimensions: 62 x 270mm (10")
  • Origin: Korea


  • Replacement period: 12 - 24 months (depends on the quality of the inlet water and the flow of water used).
  • It is necessary to replace the filter element of a genuine reputable brand, to ensure the quality of water used.

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