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11 USD
Lõi lọc:
  • New generation filter cartridge, made in Korea from virgin plastic.
  • Technology & structure of sterile closed monolithic molded filter core, anti-re-infection
  • Luxurious design, suitable for high-end water purifiers, compact modern design
  • Using a 2-end press quick connector, it is easy to replace the popular old generation water purifiers on the market.
  • Function: complete removal of residues, moss, mud . . . in the input water is larger than 5 microns in size. Protect the R.O (or UF) filter from sediment, avoiding membrane clogging.


  • Product type: Core No. 1 Sediment PP - sterile closed monolithic molded coarse filter core
  • Material: compacted porous cotton Polypropylene fiber with a gap of ≤ 5 microns
  • Maximum pressure: 5.1 kg/cm2
  • Standard inlet water temperature: <40ºC
  • Max flow: 100 liters/hour
  • Dimensions: 62 x 270mm (10")

Note when using:

  • Installed in position No. 1 immediately after the water supply to the water purifier.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Replacement period: 4-6 months (depends on the quality of the inlet water and the flow of water used).
  • It is necessary to replace the filter element of a genuine reputable brand, to ensure the quality of water used.

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