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BTA83 booster pump is used for areas with TAP WATER sources, with WEAK pressure (additional pressure tanks can be installed) to stabilize the water pressure supply for alkaline iON electrolyte water purifiers, to ensure standard & stable electrolyte water quality for customers to use most effectively throughout the life cycle of the product.

Function: regulating the water source to both suck and push water through the filter levels of the alkaline iON electrolyte water purifier, especially creating great pressure to push water through the multi-level filter system and UF filter membrane with microscopic filter size, creating a source of clean water, many minerals, support for the electrolysis process to achieve maximum efficiency. Ensure standard & stable electrolyte water, create alkaline water with high hydrogen index, low ORP, the most optimal.


  • The booster pump is advancedly designed, with a case made of solid metal, covered on the outside by scratch-resistant powder coating to help the device always last with time.
  • The pump is integrated with an electronic power supply capable of providing a stable power supply for the pump to operate at the right capacity even when the input power is changed in the range from 100VAC-240VAC.
  • Compact design, BTA83 booster pump is suitable for small spaces.
  • Genuine imported Taiwan pump, powerful motor, quiet running, durable operation, long service life, no noise when the machine operates.

Installation scheme:


  • For Alkaline iON Electrolyte Water Purifier, UF Water Purifier
  • For areas with WEAK PRESSURE TAP WATER (0.3 - 0.5kg/cm2)

Note: If the inlet water source has enough pressure required above but the outflow is still lower than 1.5 Liters / min, it is necessary to change to a larger booster pump (BTA92)

Products include:

  • The pump set comes complete with a metal case, a high-pressure protection valve, and an adapter power supply with a built-in AC power cord.


  • Power consumption: up to 25W
  • Voltage: 100 – 240V/50Hz
  • Max. water flow: 1.8L/min
  • Operating environment temperature 0°~40°C

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