Full Set Of Robot Raw Housing Filter Raw-11p (Taiwan)

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Màu sắc:
  • Product code: RAW-11P (Full set made in Taiwan)
  • Purification stage number: 1 stage
  • Housing filter (Taiwan): 10”, ф 27mm tube, transparent primary plastic
  • Filter (Taiwan): PP Sediment 5 micron; made from compacted polypropylene cotton wool with a gap of ≤ 5 micron
  • Dimension: 130x115 x350 mm
  • Maximum purification capacity: 100 liters/hour
  • Standard water inlet temperature: < 40oC
  • Maximum pressure: 5.1 kg/cm2
  • Water inlet quality: treated tap water and drill well water

    Outstanding advantages
  • Full set of Raw Housing Filter made in Taiwan, with international certifications such as: NSF, SGS.
  • Multi-layer gasket seal design, minimize water leakage.
  • No need to use electricity
  • High performance continuous purification, no water tank
  • Saving operating costs
  • Easy to replace filter according to water source

  • Purify the upstream water, increase the cleanliness of water before use, or integrated before the UF or R.O water purifier to protect the machine more durable, no clogging of the membrane.
  • Completely remove all residues, algae, mud,… in the water inlet larger than 5 microns

  • The maximum flow of PP 5 micron Filter is 100L/H with a pressure of 5.1 kg/cm2, in order for filter to function well, the water inlet must be sufficient, not weak
  • Filter replacement time is 4 – 6 months (depending on the quality of water inlet and the used water flow)
  • Raw Housing Filter uses transparent primary plastic for easy viewing and replacement of the filter as soon as it is dirty
  • Need to replace genuine brand filter to ensure the quality of water used.

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