Robot R.O 8-Stage Water Purifier LUX 238W

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381 USD
Màu sắc:
  • Function: purifying normal water
  • Type: Cabinet
  • Purification stage number: 8 stages
  • Membrane type: R.O Membrane (USA)
  • Purification capacity: 20 liters/hour (100GPD)
  • Rated voltage/Frequency: 220V/50 – 60Hz
  • Standby power capacity: 4.5W
  • Operation power capacity: 28W
  • Standard water inlet temperature: <40oC
  • Water inlet quality: tap water, treated drill well water
  • Standard machine quality: TCVN 11978:2017
  • Filtered water quality (*): QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT
  • Color: gray white, dark gray
  • Dimension: 430x325x1000 mm (width x length x height)
  • Product Set includes:
    +  8-Stage Water Purifier

    +  LCD Microcontroller – model RWD-2020, exclusive design of ROBOT
    +  Full set of 3-Stage raw housing filter (Taiwan)
    +  Booster pump (Taiwan)
    +  12-liter pressure tank (Taiwan)
    +  Premium 304 stainless steel faucet

Made in Vietnam
(*) The water samples after filtration are taken according to aseptic technical process & quality control meets the standard of Direct Drinking Water (QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT Ministry of Health).

Warranty Policy

  • Electrical components: 24 months
  • Pressure tank and faucet: 12 months
    Note: There is no warranty for consumable parts
  • Attentive and fast customer service

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