iOnKing 1314 - The Newest Alkaline Ionized Water Purifier Model – With Smart Heating and Cold Water Functions

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What unique features and benefits does the ROBOT alkaline ionized water purifier have over other products?

1. Generates 7 to 14 kinds of hydrogen ionized water with optimal levels of 600 to 1900ppb and ORP -350 to 1100MV.

2. Exclusive RMC/LCD technology, which balances the electrolysis process using microchips without using chemicals or catalysts.

3. Diversity of modern designs and colors that meet European medical device standards

4. Lowest Unit Price, Save the filter replacement cost under 2,000,000 VND per year.

5. The only “3 in 1” water purifier on the market that combines three functions in one: electrolysis, smart heating water, and cold water.

I/ Generates 14 kinds of hydrogen ionized water with optimal levels to 1920ppb and ORP -961 mV.

The ROBOT ionKing 1314 Alkaline ionized water Purifier a special model - The newest model of 2023, the highest-end in the world today. It is equipped with 13 electrolysis plates, Generating the widest range of pH water with optimal Hydrogen & ORP levels compared to other machines, and fully integrated with superior functions. Applying advanced electrolysis technology from Korea, this premium and unique ionized water machine is capable of Generating up to 14 types of multi-functional water, including 6 levels of alkaline ionized water (pH 8.5 to 11.0), neutral filtered water (pH 7.0) Purified - Hot – Cold, and 5 levels of acidic ionized water (pH 3.5 to 5.5).  water quality reaches the perfect index, with active Hydrogen concentration up to ~1920 ppb and oxidation reduction potential (ORP) up to ~ -961 mV, catering to various daily needs.

The Hydro and ORP indexes of the product are directly tested at a national professional laboratory.

The ROBOT IonKing is the first-ever alkaline ionized water Purifier Standing design to appear in the world, transcending the boundaries of the kitchen and elevating the sophistication convenient, luxurious of living rooms and dining areas. Along with its ionized water source, Smart heating and cold water options that provide numerous benefits, designed by ROBOT in 2023.

The pH, Hydrogen, and ORP indexes of the water depend on the number of electrodes, the characteristics of the source water, and the measurement conditions.

The amazing benefits of alkaline ionized water are the secret to the longevity of the Japanese.

Benefits of the alkaline Ionized water

  • Support disease treatment, enhance immunity.
  • Improve digestion and supplement minerals.
  • Eliminates toxin in your body and alcohol detoxification
  • Rehydrate after sport activities
  • Natural anti-aging and beauty, prolong life.
  • Clean fruits and vegetables, disinfect household items.

The Ion-alkaline electrolyte water of the Robot pH 3.5 – 11.0 electrolyte water filter, with optimal Hydrogen and ORP levels.

Watch the video about the benefits of alkaline ionizded water here.

The alkaline ionized water purifier is a premium product that has been widely produced and used for decades in developed countries such as Japan and South Korea… and is becoming increasingly popular with Vietnamese consumers thanks to its excellent health and beauty benefits. The Japanese Ministry of Health also issued a statement number 763 (1965) to encourage people to use alkaline ionized water rich in Hydrogen, which is considered one of the secrets to healthy and long lives of the Japanese people.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan encourages the population to use electrolyte water to protect the health

II. Exclusive RMC-LCD Technology Processor and Korea 13 - titanium electrode plates set coated with platinum electrolytic cell.

1. RMC/LCD technology breakthrough - ROBOT's exclusive invention

The RMC-LCD technology, the latest innovation of ROBOT, creates a new step in the field of alkaline ionized water. It does not use any chemicals, catalysts, mineral supplementing filter cores to increase pH, which is very safe for health. But it still ensures the production of sufficient ionized water with optimal levels of dissolved Hydrogen and antioxidant capacity ORP compared to other machines with the same number of electrodes, meeting European Medical Device standards CE Mark Certification.

ROBOT Smart Alkaline Ionized Water Purifier

  • The unique features of ROBOT RMC/LCD control technology
  • Dual Automatic Reverse Cleaning (DARC) without chemicals and water mixing during each water draw.
  • High-power electrolysis process adjustment without the use of chemicals or catalysts to increase pH level.
  • LCD screen displaying and announcing machine operation status in 8 languages (default in Vietnamese and English) using voice prompts.
  • Diverse and user-friendly LCD screen display for selecting alkaline and acidic levels.
  • Voice warning for low acidic water consumption.
  • Display of hot and cold water temperature.
  • Display of filter lifespan and replacement notification.
  • Options to select hot water volume 180ml/300ml/900ml, Optional selection (for ionSmart, ionQueen, ionKing models).
  • Water flow rate preservation feature.
  • Option to select water volume 0.3L/0.9L/1.5L/2L/ Optional selection.

2. The essence of Korean electrolysis technology: 13 Titanium electrodes coated with Platinum

ROBOT alkaline ionized electrolysis water purifier is proud to be a cutting-edge technology product of the new generation from Korea. The system utilizes a high-end filtration system and Titanium electrodes coated with Platinum, which are cast in one large flat plate - the largest size produced in Korea - ensuring absolute safety for health.

ROBOT Electrolysis Cell 3/5/7/9/11/13 Electrode Plates (Platinum – coated Titanium)

  • Lifespan of 5000 hours (Equivalent to 30 years)
  • iON Membrane sheets by Sumitomo (JANPAN)
  • Large Size, cast in a single flat piece.

New technology electrolysis Korean with the largest electrolysis surface and high efficiency.

The electrolysis set includes electrode plates which are considered the "Heart" of the iON Alkaline Water Ionizer, playing a role in electrolyzing, separating, and restructuring clean water with multiple minerals into hydrogen-rich iON Alkaline Water and acidic iON Water.

The lifespan of the ionKing 1314 electrode plates can reach up to 5000 operating hours, equivalent to 30 years of use. The iON filter membrane, separating the cathode (-) and anode (+), is manufactured by Sumitomo, Japan.

The new technology has been patented by ROBOT domestically and internationally.

3. Multi-stage filtration system - Made in Korea

The Robot ionKing 1314 Alkaline ionized Water purifier utilizes advanced UF (Ultrafiltration) technology from Korea, with a multi-stage filtration system that ensures it meets the two most important criteria.

  • Complies with the national standard for direct drinking water.
  • Generates various kinds of iON Alkaline Water with stable and appropriate pH levels.

The UF filtration technology effectively removes impurities, toxins, and even ultra-small bacteria while preserving natural minerals in the water. This guarantees the production of many kinds of iON Alkaline Water meeting 24/24 standards and sustainable throughout the product's lifespan.

The multi-stage filtration system made in Korea incorporates ROBOT 's Nano Silver antibacterial technology, providing clean and standard drinking water.

III. Modern Design - Multi-functional, Unprecedented Smart heating & Cold

Design that Conquers Any Space

The ionKing ionized water purifier by ROBOT features a unique standing cabinet design made of high-quality ABS plastic, Overcoming the common spatial limitations associated with alkaline ionized water machines.
With its Newest design in 2023, the ionKing has become a standout and impressive focal point that can be utilized in kitchens, dining areas, living rooms, offices, factories, etc. marking a new era in the field of alkaline ionized water purification and attracting a wide range of customers upon its launch.

The 360° rotating ionized water faucet and the convenient smart heating & cold water faucet are equipped for easy and quick water retrieval. The touch control system on the glass-covered LCD screen provides a sleek and harmonious feel to the living space, with a user-friendly interface for easy use. 

The product is not only a high-quality ionized water purifier but also a luxurious and classy interior fixture for every home.

The unique and exclusive standing cabinet design of the alkaline ionized water purifier market. ROBOT ionKing creates an additional focal point of elegance for your interior space, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

Quik-HEAT Technology - Smart Hot Water

For the first time on the market, the ionKing ionized water purifier incorporates the innovative Quik-HEAT Technology for Smart Hot Water, bringing convenient, modern, and safe products to users, a "3 in 1" ionizer - smart heating & cold water, perfect for cost-saving.

Users can instantly get hot water without limits, without the need for storage tanks, and can choose from multiple temperature levels and hot water capacity according to their needs.

IonKing utilizes cutting-edge technology, offering numerous benefits, super savings, and even achieving Asian Records

The product combines an advanced Block cooling system without using refrigeration chips, which helps the water to be deeply chilled and durable, providing cool and refreshing water.

IV. National and International Quality Certifications - Establishing Asian Records

Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury - Chairman of the World Records Union (WorldKings), Co-Founder of the World Creativity Federation WCF (left cover) presenting the Gold Disc of Creativity to Mr. Nguyen Phuong Nam - Chairman of Robot Corporation.

With dedication and investment in research and development, mastering the manufacturing technology, the alkaline ionized water Purifier ROBOT has passed a series of strict inspections and evaluations, receiving prestigious certifications such as European Medical Device Standards, CE, FDA certifications, establishing Vietnam and Asian Records, and the World Creativity Gold Disc... These are practical commitments to consumers.

V. Maximize cost savings for machine & operating expenses

With the desire for many Vietnamese families to be able to use alkaline ionized water with reasonable costs to protect their health, beauty, and improve their quality of life, ROBOT brings a product that is "International Quality - Vietnam Price," suitable for the living standards of many people. It saves consumers more than half of the cost compared to imported machines, only from 30 - 50%, but possesses many advantages, outstanding features, and high quality.

At the same time, the cost of replacing the filter is minimized, not exceeding 2,000,000 VND/year in the first 4 years. Genuine warranty, on-site service, spare parts, and filters are always available, minimizing repair and maintenance costs.

>>> Click on the TAB Technical Specification to view the product's technical specifications.


Produces various pH levels of ionized acidic and alkaline water, reaching the highest hydrogen and ORP levels depending on the number of electrodes used.

Detailed 24/24 operation display screen and multilingual voice support (Vietnamese/English).

RMC electrolysis technology and electronic microchip cleaning of electrodes without using any chemicals and catalysts,without mixing with previously extracted ionized water.

Choose the desired volume of ionized water (300mL / 900mL / 1.5L / 2L / optional selection).

Choose the desired temperature of hot water according to usage needs (45oC / 60oC / 80oC / 99oC).

Choose the desired amount of hot water (180mL / 300mL / 900mL).

Instantly dispenses hot water without limitation, no need to boil or store in a container.

Professional technical team available in all 63 provinces for quick maintenance at home.

Genuine replacement parts from ROBOT manufacturer available throughout the lifespan of the machine (for decades).

Lowest cost of filter replacement (made in Korea) in the market, under 2 million VND/year.



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