Air cooler RB150E

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Robot air cooler RB150E

  • Large water tank

Large water tank with the capacity up to 30 liters, saving time and efford to replace water regularly

  • The strong power capacity for persistent operation

The motor having the huge power capacity 119W,  can make electric into powerful wind with wider and larger area. Especially, 100% copper motor with the powerfully loaded ability and smooth operation. The overheated protecting feature can help machine operate persistently in heavily humid environment.

  • Automatically warning out of water

Using the electronic circuit boards in combination with a specially mechanical controller designed by ROBOT, can increase the warning effect of water level. When the machine is almost out of tap water, a warning will be given to take an initiation in adding water; or when running out of tap water, the pump will disconnect automatically in order to still working normally.

  • High electrical safety with ABS/PP plastic shell

Our product's shell, made of pure 100% ABS/PP Plastic with high insulation to protect users

  • Creating anion for air purifying

Based on natural steam extractor mechanism to create anoic particles, these wil absorb the pollutants in the air, combined with the cool breeze to create a sense of coolness and fresh, because purified air is very good for health.

  • Efficient cooling with ice compartment

 The freezer help increase the cooling efficiency by simply putting ice into the ice compartment of the cooler after frozening water by refrigerator’s freeze compartment. This make the temperature from ice compartment and combine with steam to create the ionic crystals to clean and purify the air instantly

  • The odourless cooling pad made of oak

 The water is pumped directly to cooling pads made of oak or cellulose fiber that are not corrupted in humid environment to prevent odor and musty.

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