Alkaline Filter (Monolithic Molded Filter – Korea)

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Màu sắc:


  • New generation filter made in Korea from primary plastic
  • Technology & structure of aseptic monolithic molded filter, prevent re-infection.
  • Luxurious style, suitable for premium water purifiers, modern compact design.
  • Using quick connector with double-tap, easy to replace for the old generation water purifier popular on the market.
  • Functions:
  • Supplement alkaline ion, increase pH, create soft water that is easy to absorb, support the body to neutralize excess acid, prevent oxidation, improve health.
  • Reduce the ORB of water, help to enhance the body’s immunity, reduce the diseases caused by cell aging. Supplement a part of natural minerals.


  • Type: Aseptic monolithic molded filter – Filter No.7
  • Material: Activated carbon and Alkaline mixture
  • Maximum pressure: 5,1 kg/cm2
  • Standard inlet water temperature: <40ºC
  • Maximum flow: 100 liters/hour


  • Install behind the R.O membrane.
  • After replacing filter, it is necessary to discharge 10 minutes before use.
  • Filter replacement time: 9 – 12 months / 10.000 liters (depending on the quality of water inlet and the used water flow).

Need to replace genuine brand filter to ensure the quality of water used.

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